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Stock photo of the word cache.

reBusted! – Stop asking have you emptied your cache?

There's nothing worse than fixing all the things and having someone tell you that it's still broken only to find…

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Screenshot of different button styles

Setting Defaults in Beaver Builder

In Beaver Builder you can set the defaults for quite a few things. For example, set the default button colors…

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UABB Screenshot

Take Beaver Builder to the next level with Ultimate Addons.

Beaver Builder is a great page builder for WordPress, but sometimes you want more out of the modules. Or you…

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Discourage Search Engines Notifier

Remember back in the day when WordPress would notify you via a banner in the admin if you had ‘Discourage…

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Customizer Export/Import

With a lot of site customization now being done via the Customizer, you'll want an easy way to export and…

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Isotope, 3D Parallax, On Scroll Add CSS CLASS BeaverBuilder Modules

There’s no end to some of the cool BeaverBuilder modules people are creating. ahmadrabie‘s Dadevarzan plugin adds the following to BeaverBuilder.…

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How to add a transparent header to Beaver Builder

A little bit of CSS code to help you create a transparent header in Beaver Builder. This file contains bidirectional…

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Setup Additional Image Sizes in BeaverBulder’s Photo Module

It’s actually pretty easy to add custom image sizes into BeaverBulder’s photo module. It just takes a few lines of code.…

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Devices with graphs on them.

Tracking Code Manager makes it easy to add tracking codes to WordPress.

You don’t need to be a developer to add tracking codes to your site. Sometimes, you just need a good…

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