Powering Content Driven Applications with the WordPress API

A great overview from Roy Sivan talking about how you can use WordPress’ API to build web applications.

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Quickly create WordPress installs for testing. No hosting required.

Ever want to spin up a WordPress site just for testing or demoing something, but you don’t want to run…

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Convince Clients to use WordPress.

How To Convince Clients Of The Benefits Of Using WordPress Having a hard time convincing client’s that WordPress is right…

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Beaver Builder Theme Hooks

Excellent visual guide of Beaver Builder Theme Hooks. I’m not sure how up to date it is, but it’s handy none…

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Free WordPress #i18n Poster & Information

You can get a free WordPress i18n poster (digitally) from She’s also got a fantastic article on what i18n is and why…

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Remove frontend dependency from ACF

Use WordPress functions instead of ACF functions to reduce the number of database calls. Remove frontend dependency from ACF –…

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Free SSL For Any WordPress Website

This article via Smashing Magazine outlines how to setup CloudFlare with your WordPress website. Granted, I think this solution is better.

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Speed up your Website Using Google's PageSpeed Module for Apache

Google has a Module for Apache that will speed up your site. Not sure how much better it is than just writing…

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Getting Started with the API

Everyone should be learning the WordPress API. When you’re ready, read this: Getting Started with the API

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Comparison of Popular WordPress Caching Solutions – Taylor Lovett

There’s a lot of  WordPress caching plugins out there, but which one is best? Here’s one article that does a…

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