Random Sites

These are a bunch of old random sites. There may be some gems in here or it may just be a bunch of old crap. 🙂

Christmas/Holiday Desktop Backgrounds – Get a few Christmas/Holiday Desktop Backgrounds

Customize Firefox – Check out my Firefox customization tips page. Change the background, tabs, bookmark bar, bookmarks and more.

Halloween Desktop Backgrounds – Get a few Halloween Desktop Backgrounds

Minnesota Wedding Information – I have put together the start of some of our Minnesota Wedding Information. Things we learned, places we booked and so fourth.

Nightmare Before Christmas – Get some character info, gifts, fonts, and even a Nightmare Before Christmas theme here.

Poker – Find information on poker odds, rules, games, and a bunch of terms so that you can talk the poker talk.

Garth Brooks – Small site that was just stared.  Contains five Garth Brooks / Chris Gains Right Now Dance/Club Mixes

Torrent Information – Information on Torrents, BitTorrent, Proxys, Firewalls and more. Get your Torrent Information here.

List of the 50 States – Can’t remember one? Here is a list of all 50 states.

JPEG OF Death Virus – Windows suffers from what might be the next big virus emended in JPEG files. More JPEG virus information.

Celebrex Information – Information on Celebrex and Heart Attacks from the FDA and Pfizer

Vioxx InformationVioxx Information, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers FAQ – Lawsuit Information

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